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High quality bi-lingual consultation, legal advice and representation for English speaking clients in Italy


Studio Caruso is a long-established Italian legal practice with offices in Rome and Messina. In addition, we specialize in legal and bureaucratic issues for clients wishing to converse in English, or cases involving documentation in the English language.

Who we are

We have an experienced legal team specializing in a wide range of Italian law.

We have an in-house British consultant who oversees the English-speaking cases, and with many years hands-on experience of international legal representation, we fully understand the needs and expectations of clients facing a foreign legal system, bureaucratic process and of course, language.

Our combined skills and experience allow us to provide a very unique and personal service.

Our approach

We adopt a highly client-orientated approach with clear, structured unambiguous advice. All work is carried out in-house at our own dedicated offices, allowing us to deliver a timely and efficient service.

Justice new
We recognize that for foreign clients, translation is only part of the solution, and we are in a unique position to provide a deep insight and understanding of the situation, based upon the needs and expectations of a client embarking upon a foreign judicial process, accompanied with the highest level of ongoing exchange and communication.

We combine our traditional legal expertise with a modern practical approach, born from personal experience, to provide high quality bi-lingual consultation and legal advice.

Studio Legale Caruso
Piazza Re Di Roma 3
Roma 00183

Studio Legale Caruso
Via La Farina 62
Messina 98123