The public administration office – Nobody asked for your opinion

I am reminded of the late trouble-shooter Sir John Harvey-Jones frustratingly, and correctly, trying to explain to a once successful family business how they need to modernise or face certain failure – they simply don’t want to hear it! No amount of evidence-based reason will dispel the belligerent certainty that everything stays the same.

This is my experience of countries that persist with a deeply entrenched bureaucratic mind-set, but of course these public administrations cannot fail, they are engrained into the fabric of society and culture and protected therein. Any naive heartfelt plea from you, no matter how justified and well-meaning, to highlight some inefficiency or futility of a procedure will at absolute best fall upon deaf ears, but in many cases cause personal offence.

public admin officeLeave your utopian vision at home, it is not welcome here, there are no customer feedback surveys and no suggestion boxes. It is a simple inevitability; the system will break your spirit and mindless acceptance is the only way to survive. The quicker you realise that the better.

The reams of documentation, signatures, stamps and seemingly pointless repetitive authentication by Public Notaries followed by days of lingering in rather unpleasant chaotic institutional public administration offices (all in different places) will reduce even the most self assured character into a helpless number, metaphorically of course because there is no queuing system.

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