Based on our own experience, we have tailored a highly client-orientated service with clear, timely, pragmatic advice and feedback. We work with a range of clients on issues from bureaucratic formalities to complex technical litigation.

Legal advice and representation

  • A family run Italian legal practice.
  • Senior lawyer with 40 years experience.
  • Working within the main jurisdictions of the Italian legal system.
  • Covering all areas of Italian civil law, work law, family law and administrative law.

Consultation and case management in English

James Garbett and Nicoletta Caruso created the English/Italian consultancy, based in Rome, after identifying a need for native spoken high quality bi-lingual consultation, legal advice and representation for English speaking clients in Italy.

Non-Italian speakers have additional requirements necessitating an extra level of interpretation and explanation, not only of language and law, but also of the often-unfamiliar systems and processes. Having an in-house native English-speaker widely experienced in international legal operations, eliminates potential misunderstandings or misaligned expectations that often arise through differences in language and working practice.

  • Private and Commercial litigation

    We work with businesses and individuals to resolve a wide variety of contractual issues. Some disputes require special consideration with regard to financial exposure or specific business interests. We will always advise accordingly on the best course of action, whether alternative dispute resolution or litigation

  • Property and Land Law

    We deal with a wide range of residential and commercial property disputes, such as sale and purchase contracts, inheritance, boundary disputes and landlord/tenant issues.

  • Contract Drafting

    A well-drafted contract will apply the proper structure of law, but also comprehensively represent the parties’ proposal without ambiguity. This is especially important when dealing with the nuances of different languages. Arbitrary translations can create misunderstandings; result in poorly constructed contractual agreements and be a source of potential problems in future. We have native English and Italian speakers to avoid any such issues.

  • Alternative Dispute Resolution

    In some situations, the cost of litigation makes traditional legal action prohibitive or inadvisable. For this reason, alternative methods of dispute resolution are proving a cost-effective and realistic option. We have lawyers qualified and experienced in mediation procedures.

  • Employment Law

    This is a potentially complex and changing area of law. Recent years have seen an increase in employment legislation, with new measures frequently introduced. We provide expert and practical advice on a variety of issues such as; employment contract negotiations, unfair or wrongful dismissal, disciplinary or performance proceedings, discrimination, employment tribunals.

  • Separation and Divorce

    Whatever the reason for your separation, we are committed to adopting a conciliatory and constructive approach with the aim of minimising conflict wherever possible. We have a high degree of success achieving settlements by constructive negotiation. However, where court becomes unavoidable, we can proactively represent your interests and have access to highly experienced Counsel.

  • International Divorce

    We have particular expertise and experience in marriages between partners of different nationalities. Such situations require careful consideration to allow for the complexities of multiple jurisdictions, custody of children and the practical enforceability of maintenance awards. We take great care in advising our clients on the best course of action, based upon each unique circumstance.

  • Declaration of Nullity

    In the Catholic Church, a Declaration of Nullity is a judgement by an ecclesiastical tribunal, based on the rules of Canon law, that determines a marriage to be void at its inception. It is not the dissolution of a marriage, but instead a ruling that there was a failure to meet the requirements to enter into matrimony. In effect the marriage never actually existed. Only suitably qualified lawyers in the field of Canon Law are authorised carry out this process.

  • Procurement of certificates

    We deal with a variety of bureaucratic issues with Municipalities and other authorities to obtain formal documentation for clients. People who have resided or worked in Italy in the past, or who have been married to an Italian may be required at some stage in their life to provide proof of certain historical episodes, events or status. For example; certificates of marriage, family, residency, death or penal certificate etc.

    We often do this without the client present in Italy. All we require is a signed permission for us to obtain a specific document on your behalf, and a scan of your id. Both can be sent via email if preferred.

Contact us with your enquiry or arrange a consultation

We carry out meetings and appraisals in English at our offices in Rome, so please contact us with your enquiry or to arrange an appointment. Appraisals can also be conducted over the telephone, Skype or via email.