Our team have worked together at Studio Caruso for many years affording extensive involvement and experience in the Italian courts and judicial system. Our two most senior lawyers have over 40 years’ and 24 years’ experience respectively.

Corporate Litigation

Giovanni Caruso oversees the corporate cases, he is a professor of Italian law and acts regularly in the Supreme Court in Rome.

He specialises in corporate civil litigation with clients including Municipalities, Government institutions, newspaper publishers and multi-national corporations.

Private Individuals

Non-Italian speakers unfamiliar with foreign litigation may have additional requirements necessitating a higher level of interpretation, not only of language and law, but also of the often-unfamiliar norms and processes. Having an in-house native English-speaker widely experienced in international legal operations, in addition to our English-speaking lawyers, permits natural, precise and effective communication, which is especially advantageous for clients wishing to conduct their affairs at a distance.

Your primary contact and lawyers will remain the same throughout your case providing timely, consistent feedback and direct accountability.

Primary areas of practice

Contractual Disputes

We deal with a variety of contractual disputes between private individuals, business and professionals. Sometimes these can be resolved without involving the courts, however, it is more common that legal action is required.

Prior to instigating any case, we will provide in English a detailed legal assessment of the situation, proposed remedies and an explanation of the expected timeline and bureaucratic processes required.

Separation and Divorce

We adopt a conciliatory and constructive approach with the aim of minimising conflict and achieving settlements by constructive negotiation wherever possible. Where court becomes unavoidable, we have extensive experience in achieving settlement through the judicial process.

We have particular expertise and experience in marriages between partners of different nationalities. Such situations require careful consideration to allow for the complexities of multiple jurisdictions, custody of children and the practical enforceability of maintenance awards. We take great care in advising our clients on the best course of action, based upon each unique circumstance.  More….

Property and Land Law

Property disputes in Italy can be complex and very lengthy to resolve. There can also be added complications due to Italy’s Succession Law, which assigns reserved rights to certain heirs, therefore property transactions and land rights need to be meticulously researched and carried out. We deal with a significant number of property related issues ranging from straightforward transactions conducted via a power of attorney to complex issues relating to title, permissions, rights and inheritance.

Employment Law

This is a potentially complex and changing area of law. Recent years have seen an increase in employment legislation, with new measures frequently introduced.

We provide expert and practical advice on a variety of issues such as; employment contract negotiations, unfair or wrongful dismissal, disciplinary or performance proceedings, discrimination, employment tribunals.

Child Maintenance Awards

We have strong experience in conducting and enforcing child maintenance awards, especially those granted in foreign countries relating to an Italian resident or citizen. Such situations can require that certain conditions are carefully identified and met before legal action is instigated in order to successfully ratify and enforce payment of the award.

We have particular experience in dealing with Social Services and appointed psychologists

Accident, Liability and Malpractice

Declaration of Nullity

In the Catholic Church, a Declaration of Nullity is a judgement by an ecclesiastical tribunal, based on the rules of Canon law, that determines a marriage to be void at its inception. It is not the dissolution of a marriage, but instead a ruling that there was a failure to meet the requirements to enter into matrimony. In effect the marriage never actually existed. Only specially qualified lawyers in the field of Canon Law are authorised carry out this process.

Roberta Caruso has the title of ‘Avvocato Rotale’ which is the highest attainable qualification in the Ecclesiastical Court. She is authorised to carry out Declarations of Nullity all over Italy.

Document Procurement and Court Translation

We deal with a variety of bureaucratic issues with Municipalities and other authorities to obtain formal documentation for clients.

People who have resided or worked in Italy in the past, or who have been married to an Italian may be required at some stage in their life to provide proof of certain historical episodes, events or status. For example; certificates of marriage, family, residency, death or penal certificate etc.

We provide formal translations sworn and submitted to the court to be used as evidence in a case.

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