Principal Specialisation

Roberta has experience working in a variety of areas of civil law, with primary focus on family law and now specialises in Canon Law. She has the title of ‘Avvocato Rotale’ which is the highest attainable qualification in the Ecclesiastical Court.

She carries out Declarations of Nullity all over Italy, working regularly in the courts of Rome, Messina and Palermo with clients from all over the world including Canada, Syria, Ireland and the UK.

Her qualification authorises her to act in the Tribunale della Rota Romana, where all cases are heard exclusively in Latin.

  • Education:                        Messina University, Pontificia Universita della Santa Croce, Rome
  • Qualifications:                  Lawyer, Avvocato Rotale (Canon Law)
  • Years practicing:              12
  • Languages Spoken:         Italian, Latin, Spanish, English         
  • Charitable activities:        Volunteer at the ‘Chiesa di San Antonio’