James has 10 years’ experience as the legal representative of a UK private investment company operating in Italy, the Balkans and Turkey. His primary work and responsibilities have been to spend time in the country in order to best understand the rules and mechanisms of that particular jurisdiction then source, evaluate and employ quality professions and create the necessary network of local contacts. After engaging the advice and services of these professionals, he would assume personal legal responsibility for all subsequent actions and decisions undertaken on behalf of the client.

Over the years he has sought and obtained extensive and wide-ranging legal advice, and subsequently undertaken a profusion of legal and bureaucratic procedures in different countries, he is therefore better placed than most to genuinely understand the position of a client undertaking a legal procedure in a foreign jurisdiction and has a very personal connection with their situation.

  • Education:                       Nottingham Trent University, Oxford Air Training School
  • Qualifications:                BA (Hons) Business Studies, Commercial Pilots License (CPL/IR)
  • Languages Spoken:       English, Italian