James Garbett

Practice manager

James is British with a business management degree. For the past 10 years he has been the director of foreign operations and legal representative for an investment company operating in the Balkans, Turkey and Italy.

At Studio Caruso he oversees the English speaking cases providing consultation, translation and feedback to clients; based upon the work of our Italian legal team. He is based between the UK and Rome and has a continued involvement in civil aviation after gaining a commercial pilots license 18 years ago.

Giovanni Caruso

Senior Lawyer – Patrocinante in Cassazione

Giovanni was admitted to the Italian Bar Association in 1976 and has been practicing ever since. He is a professor of law and has taught at the national educational institution ENAIP in Sicily. In 1990 he was accredited to act in the Italian Supreme Court and specialises in corporate litigation, liability, commercial contracts and employment law.

His principal clients are multi-national construction, manufacturing and engineering companies, Municipalities and government training institutions.

Nicoletta Caruso


Nicoletta is Italian and has been a practicing civil lawyer for 12 years. She studied at the University of Bologna and speaks English, Spanish and Portuguese. As a qualified mediator she also facilitates alternative dispute resolution. She has an additional degree in Canon Law from the ‘Pontificia Universita della Santa Croce’ Rome.

She participates in the Harambee and Manitese charities providing resources and infrastructure for developing countries. She is also a volunteer with the Order of Malta.

Roberta Caruso


Roberta is Italian and has been a practicing civil lawyer for 11 years. She studied at the University of Messina and speaks Spanish, Latin and English. She has an additional degree in Canon Law from the ‘Pontificia Università della Santa Croce’ Rome, and has completed a further 3-year study of ‘Studio Rotale’. She has the title of ‘Avvocato Rotale’.

She is an active volunteer at the ‘Chiesa di San Antonio’ providing food aid for the poor.

Silvana Oliveri

Lawyer – Tenancy and land Law

Guiseppe Germanà Bozza

Lawyer – Criminal law

Daniela Luca

Lawyer – Employment and workplace law

Serena Sottile

Legal Intern

Angela Maimone

Legal administrator and translator – Italian, French & English

  • Translation of language is just one element to successful understanding of a situation, and in my experience, an individual’s needs and expectations vary greatly based upon their own country laws, convention and working practices. My experience of legal representation and commercial administration for various clients in four different countries has required immersive involvement and a deep practical understanding of how things work and how to get the job done. I truly understand the issues facing a client when embarking upon a foreign judicial process, and am well placed safely guide them through.–James Garbett

  • A thorough knowledge of the law is of course central to any case, however, this is sometimes only part of the solution. For example, cases will usually be heard in the court of the plaintiffs choosing, likely their local town, it is therefore essential when representing the defendant to maintain a proactive and on-going involvement in the appointed jurisdiction. I attend court most days and am well versed on the bureaucratic process and effective practices of representation–Nicoletta Caruso