Q. I don’t live in Italy, do I need to be present for submissions or civil court hearings?

In general an initial consultation is important, after which we represent you through every stage. We will try to obtain all documents, signatures and authorisation from you at the initial meeting. If addition information is required, documents can be verified by a notary, or by apostle if you happen to be in another country.

Q. There are other international law firms that deal with foreign cases, why should I come to you?

Large firms may have offices in foreign countries, or partner with local law firms. This set up is more suited to businesses with operations in many countries requiring a diverse network of advice. We specialise in Italy, it is where we are, and where our expertise lies. You will deal direct with us and your contact will be the same person from start to finish, this is more efficient and provides immediate feedback and direct accountability.

Q. Do you take on smaller cases as well as the more complex ones shown on your case portfolio?

We have a specialist for each area of law and therefore have a wide range of clients and cases. The senior partner has over 40 years experience and deals with the more serious cases. We also have a variety of smaller administrative cases which means that we have a regular presence in public administration offices, and can therefore manage these very efficiently.


Q. How are your fees calculated?

At the outset we usually provide an estimate for the main requirements of your case, including court administration fees and taxes. Wherever possible will also identify any additional variables that may be encountered depending upon far the case progresses. Some clients prefer us to work to an hourly tariff, which are happy to do. The applicable rates will depend upon the nature and complexity of the work.