Principal Specialisation

Nicoletta specialises in separation, divorce and associated domestic issues, particularly involving highly contested cases and the custody of minors and child maintenance. She has experience dealing with Social Services and court appointed psychologists where the authorities have intervened to protect or formally oversee the welfare of a minor. She represented the wife in a divorce from a high-profile organised crime figure and also manages several cases involving highly sensitive and serious criminal contentions within the family environment.

She has particular experience representing foreign clients separating and divorcing in Italy, either with one spouse being Italian or both partners being foreign. Such situations require care to assess and evaluate which country jurisdictions may be applied, their relative consequence and the potential enforceability of particular awards. As part of this work, she also has experience in property rights, division of assets and property sales. She is well acquainted with representing clients in their absence, working via a special power of attorney wherever possible.

  • Education:                      Bologna University, Pontificia Universita della Santa Croce, Rome
  • Qualifications:                Lawyer, additional degree in Canon Law
  • Years practicing:            13
  • Languages Spoken:       Italian, English, Spanish
  • Charitable activities:      Harambee and Manitese charities. Regular volunteer with the Order of Malta