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June 2017

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[slide name=”Commercial litigation – Veneto”]Pursual of unpaid business debts between a Polish food supplier and an Italian co-operative amounting to €400,000.

Our Client: The Plaintiff – The Polish supplier.[/slide]
[slide name=”Civil recompense – Umbria”]Contractual dispute regarding the a property restoration.

Our Client: The Plaintiff.[/slide]
[slide name=”Marital separation – Tuscany”]Legal separation between an Italian man and a South American woman. The case contains allegations of international kidnap of a minor that has involved the European Parliament.

Our Client: The Wife[/slide]
[slide name=”Marital separation – Campania”]Legal separation between an Italian man and a European woman. This is a unique case requiring special treatment as the man involved is a high public profile convicted criminal for extremely serious offenses and is under a police protection programme.

Our Client: The Wife.[/slide]

[slide name=”Personal Injury – Lazio”]A road traffic accident involving a pedestrian hit by a bus resulting in coma and ongoing complications.

Our Client: The Plaintiff – The injured party[/slide]
[slide name=”Private contractual litigation – Tuscany”]Property sale; breach of contract and transfer without proper title.

Our Client: The Plaintiff[/slide]

[slide name=”Medical malpractice – Lombardia.”]Incorrectly diagnosed cancer followed by a series of unnecessary medical treatments resulting in death.

Our Client: The injured party[/slide]


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Client Testimonials

[testimonial_wrap][testimonial]We engaged Studio Caruso for a commercial litigation dispute in Italy, the contract and a sizeable amount of technical information were in the English language. Their handling of the case throughout was extremely professional and timely, and despite some particularly unusual and challenging circumstances that arose, they responded aptly and ensured a successful outcome for us. We would recommend their services without hesitation. [client_name]PMP Group (Poland)[/client_name][/testimonial]


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